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  • COVID19, GOAT Skills & You

    What you need to know and do as an athlete during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe and get stronger. Writers Cris Dishman and Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux address athletes and leaders to survive and thrive through the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Playing for Greatness

    Built into any sport is the idea that each person is playing for greatness. Whether you were as vocal as Muhammad Ali about your talent, the assump...
  • Watching the Game

    I have the privilege of talking to people around the country and globe about football, sports, and greatness. One area that we can all agree on is ...
  • WHO Gets to Make the Call

    --this piece originally published by Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux at "The drJ Blog"-- Here we are the day after the finale to college basketball. Sittin...
  • Why Track Matters in Football

    Each sport has their own identity, their own sense of pride. To the sports fan, each athlete they see is 100% dedicated to that sport. The reality ...
  • DISH Happens Podcast Ep 1004 - The Recruitment Process

    DISH Happens PodcastEpisode 1004The Recruitment ProcessHosts: Cris Dishman and Jennifer drJ Thibeauxbrought to you by GOATSkills.com  
  • Dish Happens Ep 1003 - Coaches Week - Buddy Ryan

    DISH Happens PodcastEpisode 1003Coaches WeekHosts: Cris Dishman and Jennifer drJ Thibeauxbrought to you by GOATSkills.com
  • Dish Happens Ep 1002 - Coaches Week - Coach Dishman

    DISH Happens Podcast Episode 1002 Coaches Week Hosts: Cris Dishman and Jennifer drJ Thibeaux brought to you by GOATSkills.com
  • From Player to Coah

    Today I had lunch with two of my high school coaches and wow what an experience. To Coach Ron Madrick, Coach Don Hettich, and Coach Mike Campbell t...
  • Dish Happens Ep 1001 - Social Media and Sports

    Episode 1001 Hosts: Cris Dishman and Jennifer drJ Thibeaux Topic: Social Media and Sports
  • The Ghost of Social Media Past

    I couldn't think of a more direct title then to characterize our prior social media posts as nothing short of haunting. It shouldn't be ghostly or ...
  • Jalen Hurts Playing the Long Game

    In 1983 I was blessed to get an athletic scholarship to Purdue University. When I arrive at Purdue I was going to be the greatest Wide Receiver tha...