Jalen Hurts Playing the Long Game

In 1983 I was blessed to get an athletic scholarship to Purdue University. When I arrive at Purdue I was going to be the greatest Wide Receiver that ever put on that uniform. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately for me I was switched to play Defensive Back. Even though I made All-State in Kentucky as a DB, I was a Wide Receiver and going to be the best ever. Then in the blink of an eye, I was red-shirted and switched to defense in the first week.

I called home and wanted to transfer immediately but I was told to stick it out by my parents. And you listen when you have the parents I had. Fate was already in motion. I put the work in on Defense and went on to play 13 years as a DB in the NFL. Never went to a Super Bowl but have made All-Pro and Pro Bowls. Sometimes we're placed into the long game before we buy in. But we've got to keep the faith with our own talent and goals.

So the moral of the story is to stick it out. Perseverance can deliver some of your greatest rewards. MUCH respect for Jalen Hurts for sticking it out, I’m sure he could have transferred to any school in the country. He could have left Alabama and gone somewhere else and played well, but he stuck it out and competed with the player who beat him out. That's called moxie. That's the definition of a competitor. He continued to fight for himself.

For weeks Hurts stood on the sideline, watched and prepared like he was the starter. On Saturday, December 1st, when Hurts was called, he was ready.
Student-Athletes please take notice I’m sure every situation is different but accept your situation; make the best decision; and remember the grass is not always greener on the other side. 


Jalen Hurts parents thank you for creating a stand up guy who is willing to take his lumps and still compete without wavering. So GUYS STICK IT OUT make the BEST of any situation. Your situation could transform you into 13 years of a dream come true. Don’t run from it. Don’t quit. Keep fighting. God be with you.


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