COVID19, GOAT Skills & You

We're living through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that has changed most of how we have lived and operated across the world. Sports for the first time was put on hold. It seemed as if the world just stopped, watched, and waited. After weeks of doing just that in the United States, the end is not quite in sight. The good news is that there WILL BE an end to this new way of life. Without question the next new normal will look and feel different from what we've grown accustomed. 

Sports will survive. we cannot stress this enough. Currently games are cancelled, but no one cancelled athletes. I'm going to say that again...

Sports games may be cancelled but NO ONE cancelled athletes.

An athlete's primary job is to stay ready. That means stay in top shape, and stay ready to compete. Just because the game schedule is not out, doesn't give an athlete the green light to stop. Nothing about stopping makes sense in an athlete's world. Stopping means someone else may pass you up. Just about every sport started in an athlete's life while they were in elementary or middle school. This means, there is a ton of blood, sweat, tears, fan boos and cheers that builds each athlete. Athletes work for a very long time to be able to play their games. The games. That's what it's about. Being an athlete gives you a chance to throw in everything you have on the court, field, course, diamond, ice, etc. to be the victor. The hard work is for the victories. We work for the victories. 



COVID-19 & You

It's important to place this viral infection into perspective. It is highly infectious. The virus currently has no cure. We are practicing physical distancing to slow the spread of the virus that impacts individual people differently. As of April 14, 2020, according to Johns Hopkins University & Medicine, globally the total confirmed cases are 1,970,225, with total deaths standing at 124,544 - impacting 185 countries/regions. In the United States, Johns Hopkins University & Medicine reports that there are 602, 846 cases, with total deaths at 25,162. This is serious. If ever an athlete needed to apply their competitive spirit to win, the time is now. We are trained to be leaders, so let's lead and win together.

It's not only important for you to be healthy, but your team is the world in this fight. We've got to take action to help others stay healthy. Our opponent is unseen, and can be powerful without leaders in each and every community, school, and household. We must not only do our part, but encourage others to do the same.

At GOAT Skills we're wearing masks, washing our hands for 20 seconds, and we're staying home while practicing physical distancing. BUT WE'RE NOT DONE, AND WE'RE NOT STOPPING.

You can ask any GOAT today and he or she will tell you it was in those quiet moments when they were all by themselves that some of their greatest breakthroughs occurred. When no one is watching you can speed ahead or slip behind. It's your choice, and those choices are often made by your actions.

We will become what we practiced as one

Staying up late and sleeping in may be okay for your school work, but your body, muscles, and mind need a routine. GUARANTEED that push ups, sit ups, crunches, ab workouts, lunges, body weight squats, burpees, sprints, and the list goes on can be done effectively while practicing physical distancing. The body of a developing athlete expects progress. The mind of a developing athlete expects progress. Becoming sedentary is equivalent to an athlete's mind fighting their body - who will win? That's your choice and it's your decision to make every single day.

No matter the reality of this pandemic or what we used to call normal, what you do on your own time becomes what we see in due time. Spelling this out more clearly,

The most exciting athletes to watch will be those who worked through this pandemic to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

GOAT Skills Speed Workout Series 1Those will be the athletes who will be ready to go. Have aspirations of getting a scholarship? Want to get drafted? Want to get picked up by a pro team? This is the time to showcase your skill body and mind. Development is the name of the game and this is your time to showcase your discipline and motivation. We want you to be safe, be smart, and be moving forward. Together we will get to the wins by being healthy - mind and body.

 -- Cris Dishman and Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux

Cris Dishman is a former American football cornerback who played 13-yrs in the National Football League (NFL) for the Houston Oilers, the Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, and Minnesota Vikings, and the Washington Redskins. Dishman boasts 2 Pro Bowl Selections and a career that spanned 3 times the league average. Transitioning into coaching in 2005, Dishman coached talent in NFL Europe, the NFL, a Division III program, a top Power 5 Division I program in the Big 12, top talent in the Canadian Football League (CFL), and the XFL. He has also expanded the scope of his football influence to participate in policy making that supports the future of football and sports.

Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux is an American author, publisher, speaker, and entrepreneur. Serving as the Chief Leadership & Development Officer for GOAT Skills®, drJ brings over 25 years of learning, development, and psychometric experience. Leading The Thibeaux Company®, drJ hopes to impact human performance in a variety of industries. Working with executives and key influencers in Fortune 100 companies, drJ has developed a keen sense of performance in action. Earning business and education advanced degrees, drJ continues to insert intelligence into the performance conversation. Hosting and appearing on a variety of radio shows, podcasts, and other broadcast mediums, drJ has no "stop" in sight. To find out more about Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux or products and projects from The Thibeaux Company®, be sure to visit or stay here and check out more from

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