Jennifer Thibeaux

Joining the team as the Chief Leadership & Development Officer, Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux brings over 25 years of learning, development, and psychometric experience. Serving as a consultant to some of the biggest brands and high profile executives, drJ has had a chance to study, develop, and shape what learning and development looks like in the U.S. Additionally, drJ has authored 7 books, produced over 60 voice products available worldwide, published over 200 self-help and instructional guides; and logged more than 300 projects in multimedia formats in the leadership, social science, and diversity space. It is her work with combining psychometric assessments with sports that made the connection a natural fit.


 "I was interested in creating the now and later for athletes. So often an athlete is measured on today, in an environment of here today, gone tomorrow. I want to make sure athletes are prepared for tomorrow - that they learn how to take control of their own development to their next level of greatness."

In her role as the CLDO, drJ works closely to develop a curriculum and course offering that compliments the rising athlete. Being aware that it's bigger than today, the learning opportunities and assessments will help to create a foundation for the athlete many years after they stop playing.

When not designing learning opportunities for GOAT Skills, drJ is managing her own company - The Thibeaux Company which produces published works in a variety of media, motivation products, psychometric analysis, corporate research, and  diversity intelligence. To learn more about Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux visit