Get To Know Us

We want to grow from being a resource, to the source for football knowledge and football excellence

• Capture and organize football expertise and information that develops a football player into the greatest version of themselves.
• Offer a multicast of football technique and player development through live and online formats to our audience - athletes and coaches.
• Improve football IQ, production, and performance on and off the field through individual and group coaching services.
• Offer knowledge and physical products and services that can meet the athlete where they are in their skill level, personal development, and goals.


We want Athletes to feel...

 "I've found the people and place that will unlock my next level in football"

 We want Coaches to feel...

"They have gained a resource to help them better coach their players"

The GOAT Skills Company produces products and services in four categories

  1. Education – self-paced and live education opportunities; learning content (i.e. playbook, psychological assessments, training logs, etc.)
  2. Motivation – coaching sessions and video content covering situational topics
  3. Camps – live events offered around the country
  4. Gear – motivational apparel in the athleisure category and branded training gear (i.e Hand-Eye Coordination Glasses)

✓ The value to consumers of GOAT Skills Company content will be the extensive video library and the access to some of the greatest to play the game.
✓ We serve two customers – athletes high school and older (14+); and coaches (at all levels)

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